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Types of Slots

  • In modern online and mobile casinos, huge variety of slot machines is presented. All the games can be divided into several types according to their features.

    In his way, among slot machine types we can distinguish the following: multi payline slots, bonus slots, multireel machines, video slots, themes slots, ect.

Some Rules of Blackjack What You Must Know Before Start Playing the Game

Blackjack is a most popular casino game in America, now found all over the world and online. The game of casino blackjack or 21 is by far the most popular table game offered in online casino. It's a game that's infamously player-friendly is called blackjack. If you carefully understand the rule and if you learn how to make you to play, then you may enhance your chances of winning and you can easily reduce the houses edge.

Blackjack rules are very simple. 1 or 2 52- card decks use to played online blackjack games. Its table can vary with size. The games operate between 4 and 6 decks. You can find tables that may fit only 5 or 6 players but there are tables seat up to 7 players.

At the start of a blackjack game everyone deal 2 cards including dealer and the objective of the play is to accumulate a higher point total than the dealer 21. The total sum of your hand cards is in your hand. Numbered card have numbered values. Appropriate cards are worth 10, and an ace will be worth either 1 or 11, it depends on your hand.

You will get paid as 3 to 2 ratios your first bet; if you get a natural blackjack or a 2 cards hand that's value is 21. After getting his opening two cards, players have to decide about hitting, standing, double downing, splitting, surrender or get insurance. But the most important for every player is how to win at blackjack.


You hit and take more cards from dealer and the card value will be added with your hand point.


If you call stand, take no more card, and your hand point will remain alike.


When you get a pair then happened the splitting. If your first 2 cards are the pair, meaning 2 cards have same value, then player can split those cards. It will be same as your original bet

Double Down

If your score is double in your wager then it is called double down. In this time, you declare that you call double down, and you are only dealt one bonus card.


Many casinos offer another option called the surrender and some casinos offer players to call surrender. When you get a bad hand what make your score lose and call surrender the casino will pay back half your betting amount.


If you think that dealer has gotten a natural blackjack you can call insurance and it will save your bet. Most of the casinos don't support this option but there are some casinos that support this option.

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  • There are many casino games that you probably would love to play. Before you will set your choice on some particular game you should be assured in casino security system and stable system of bonuses.

    In case the previous aspects are clear for you and you find them rather good it is better to choose an appropriate casino game. We`d suggest you to try them at online casino. Moreover it is often possible to try them for free.

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